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Noddy – The Missing Piece


Driving his trademark red car, Noddy and his co-star Big Ears smile and wave to the waiting crowds at the premiere of their latest movie Noddy – The Director’s Cut. But behind the scenes, there have been reports of acrimonious meetings between the two. Big Ears battled to get his name in the title, arguing that Noddy’s just a kid in a stupid cap without him. Noddy’s lawyers responded with the assertion that Noddy is the brand, Big Ears a mere hanger-on. And noticeable by his absence tonight is that unfortunate character, Golly, who’s said by reliable sources to have ‘retired’ to a sumptuous villa in Biarritz. Whatever the truth, the fresh-faced youngster and his bearded sidekick will always be the best team on the block to their many adoring fans.


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